Soldier of Wisdom

Hi all im Karla, 50% Salvadorian 50% Guatemalen. |MAHS '15| Softball #24, Big Harry Potter fan.
Success is my only option. ♡♥

Anime is life ♡~ Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Soul eater, Pandora hearts, Ouran high school host club, kuroshitsuji, skip beat, free! ,etc ♡♥~

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Sukitte ii Na Yo (Say "I Love You") || 

K U R O S A W A Y A M A T O ~

Smile & black

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friendly reminder that ciels most important thing,that’s not alive,is sebastian and sebastian teased him about it.

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Blue flowers to remind him of a home ever lost.
The bluebell has a meaning in the language of flowers.

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